About NORD

What do a hairdresser with a bum wing and a builder with a broken back do when they are faced with the fact that they need to choose new career paths in their mid forties?  They start baking bread. 

Nord was created in 2017 while we were both rehabbing injuries and trying to figure out a way to create  new careers doing something we both loved to do.  After months of hockey pucks and other dough disasters some really great bread started happening. 


I started by bringing baskets of bread into the hair salons where I had previously worked, and selling to staff and clients.  One salon turned into four.  Soon we were making weekly home deliveries to Doylestown residents and then Jamie Hollander Gourmet in New Hope started selling our bread and using it for catering events.  We started to do several farmers markets this year and are so excited to get real bread on everyone's tables again.  We are passionate about creating bread the "old fashioned" way, using the best grown flours out there and local and organic products whenever we can. 


We love educating people about the fermentation processes that we use which makes our products an option for people who have thought that their days of fresh made bread and other baked goods was over for them due to gluten sensitivities.

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