You can win a free month of NORD bread or get a chance to be part of the sourdough-making process -- all while helping our community’s feline friends!

NORD Bread is hosting its first fundraiser, a raffle to benefit Kitty Junction, which is a Doylestown rescue nonprofit that has saved hundreds of cats and kittens in the area. Tickets are $2 each.

Buy tickets via our online store or buy tickets in person at any of the Farmers Markets we participate in:  Doylestown, Wrightstown, Yardley and Horsham. Venmo:  please say “For Kitty Junction”

Here’s what 8 WINNERS will get:

3rd Prize Winners (4 winners will be chosen):  A month’s worth of free bread!  You will need to pick the bread up at one of the Farmers Markets that we participate in.

2nd Prize Winners (2 winners will be chosen):  1 month of free bread with free delivery and/or shipping within the US

1st Prize Winners (2 winners will be chosen):  Come and hang out with us for a day.  Safely (masked and distanced) come in and watch what we do, how we do it, ask as many questions as you want about sourdough bread making and baking.  Get as hands on as you want, or just hang out and let us feed you fresh bread and fresh brewed coffee.

How this started:

Once you see something…you can’t “un see” it. 

In our case, it was a tiny, white kitten that darted across the road. 

Driving near our former baking location at the Carversville Church, I watched as the kitten crossed the  street right in front of my car. I followed it to a property where cats of all shapes and sizes sprang out from their hiding places and scattered. I had driven past this particular home dozens of times, but I had never noticed the huge feral colony of cats.  

I knocked on the door, offered help to the elderly owner and launched what is now “Operation Cat Claw,” an initiative - named by my 12 year old daughter - to save and rescue cats. We began by  catching all of the kittens and bringing them to our home.  We then trapped the adult cats and shuttled them to the SPCA to be spayed/neutered, given shots and then released back to the property.  Because of their feral natures, they aren’t adoptable.  That first gathering of kittens yielded 6 in total.  We were lucky enough to know Brenda at Kitty Junction, a local rescue. She picked up the vet costs and helped us find suitable adopters.  

With the help of Kitty Junction, to date we have captured, spayed/neutered and released 11 adults,  30 kittens from 5 weeks of age have been nurtured in our house and found amazing homes.  This is something that we are super proud of.  I've actually never thought of myself as a “cat person” at all, but I guess I've concluded that we are “animal People,” and even more so, people who want to bring something positive to their community in whatever way possible.

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